Who we are

Welcome to Grace Temple international Church, Conegliano. Treviso ( A life changing Ministry)

Our vision is to preach the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, liberating men everywhere from the oppression of the devil.

Our main task is to reach the entire Italy, Africa and Europe at large.

The ministry have a purpose for Compassion, Comfort, Fellowship, Worship, Evangelism, kindness, Love in the area of adopting orphans by distance where  necessary and to create an orphanage in Africa, help widows, the aged, and poor schools in Africa, help street boys and girls, the homeless, drug addicts both in Africa and Europe to at least acquire some skill for their future etc.

We are Grateful to God for your life by visiting our site because we are certain that your life will never be the same.

We pray that you will take a walk through our site and you will be a blessing at the end.

We invite you to have fellowship with us in any of our weekly programs, and as you come God will richly meet every area of your need.

We look forward to see you soon. Shalom


We are raising people to become true disciples of Jesus Christ.

We are bringing up people to know the purposes of God in their lives.

We are raising people ready for the future glory to be revealed.

We are bringing out street boys and girls to the Lord and bringing hope to the hopeless